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Case Studies:

1. A 100 Crores(20 million USD) Construction Equipment Manufacturing Company in Gujarat had challenges in running operations on a routine basis because the CMD/Promoter couldn't spare enough time from Diversification abroad, and the CEO/COO brought on-board a few times were not culturally fit for the company. Running operations profitably was key to growth and sustainanace. AS a solution, Urjit Desai stepped in when approached.

By designing annual Company Goals from Business Plan, and cascading them into Departmental Goals for all Departments, and further breaking them into Balanced SCoreCard and further refining them into Officer KRAs, the metrics for monitoring and review of these were arrived at, and finalised. Furthermore, the MD/Executive Dashboard, MIS reports, and operational reports were crafted across all departments at all levels to get the metrics as required by Balanced SCore card. As a final step, the review frequency of metrics was arrived at for the success of those KRAs and Score Cards. The supporting systems were finetuned for generating reports and metrics accordingly.
 As a result of this exercise, the CMD could schedule meetings with different departments on weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis and run the show without extermal help from COO. The Operations engine also saved the compensation Cost of having the CEO/COO on board, and allowing oversight and monitoring of Company Business. 

2. Due Diligence for Business Plan for M&A for waterproofing industry SME

3. Project Management Specialist Market Research Survey for Vault Consulting with IVY Exec

4. Presales Consulting for Tech Startup and Growth Planning for an Offshoring SME

5. Bid Structuring for a Revenue Chase program from scratch to 100 Crores

6. Enterprise Transformation and its Rollout(all components including digital/technology)

7. Interim Executive for Sheth Group for Mobile App Product & Business Launch & Implementation,

   Hot-Pursuit-Consultant/Executive for

8. Guest Speaker at Sanskar Institute of Management & IT , 

9. New Venture Assessment & Launch including whitepaper for Websters Netlink

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