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About UD Boardroom Services

UD Boardroom Services is currently a one-man show of Urjit Desai with partner networks for resourcefulness. Urjit Desai is a 20+ years proven Executive, Consultant and Technocrat, providing Boardroom & Executive Office Services, having delivered CEO and VP mandates, and having held Leadership roles across the globe, including in US, in Domestic & MNC, across sectors from Software, Mfg to Retail to Financial Services, IT, Consulting, Telecom spanning Corporate, SME, Semi-Govt, Startups, Global Corporations. Sector-agnostic, Domain-Agnostic and Technology Agnostic with a flair for results. Superior grasping power and grip on the game makes the results look effortless, a treat to watch and motivation to team up with. Good at Organization Structuring and building Leadership while yet being a People person for sensitivity. Capable of doing and achieving more with less because of emerging markets experience after having seen advanced economies and having held Leadership roles in Emerging Markets like India. Advised and Consulted advanced economy companies  on all aspects as well, after having achieved this unique feat.

The partner networks are in the areas of niche Consulting, Market Research, Software Development, hosting services, media management, public relations, advertising, Communications Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Recruitment, Taxation etc. These partners are branded and otherwise, catering to quality requirements of all size of Businesses & Companies.

The value proposition is that Small & Medium Enterprises and Businesses, should be able to dream big, without shelling out Big Money for these Interim Executive & Consulting Offerings. The Mandate based approach as an interim executive allows Companies to experiment and tap uncharted territories and deep waters with the safety net of reaching the shores high and dry.

The value proposition for larger enterprises emerges from having held titles, and accordingly represented companies in fairly large professional Boards globally, and hence the wherewithal to aid globalization, help develop a global footprint, and address complex challenges in Organizations. The proven multidimensional thought leadership in profession & style, adopted by creme-de-la-creme of the industry, honchos, leaders and stars of the world, lend authenticity in catering to Bigger Companies with various interests

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