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Vision: To help build the legacy of Enterprise Success Globally, leaving a footprint of Quality and a Legendary tale for the Future.

Mission: To partner enterprises in scripting growth, success & turnarounds, to propagate the brand and trust of industry worldwide

Social Motto: To help people become successful in Social & Professional ventures, blending legacy & Enterprise.

Professional Mojo: Be a board for the Boardroom and cornerstone(s) for Corner Office.

About UD, the personna...

Urjit Desai, more popularly known as UD, among friends, peers and colleagues, also came to be known for his 'UD stamp of quality', which was synonymous to the passion he brought in the office, workplace, field, leadership and Boardroom.

As is said 'watching a game is fun, playing it requires skills, but if it also takes patience and perseverance, it's got to be golf'. His decisiveness, swiftness, agility are all manifested, when he leads and deals with people, problems & situations with patience & perseverance.

His journey to destination has morphed into a destination called journey, and that makes him unique in his approach, interaction and objectivity.


Being a firm believer of enjoying every journey of life and profession, UD enjoys a cup of tea/coffee as much as a drink, and brings in the associated cheer and sense of humour. :)

Indicative Executive Offerings
  • Definite Mandate for Executive Office

  • Turnaround for Delayed projects or businesses or loss-making divisions/companies

  • Enterprise Transformation 

  • Leading an enterprise as a Head to sustain growth, while the Headhunting is on for suitable Executive Leadership (Unique) 

  • Product Launch

  • Hot Pursuit Executive/Consultant for Startups or Newer Business Divisions 

  • Client Benefits Realization for PMO of Technology Programs addressing uncertainty & ambiguity

  • Heading/Leading Strategic Projects & Initiatives(like Go-to-Market or Footprint Expansion or Market Penetration) while the Leadership runs Operations

  • Running Operations Profitably while the Leadership focuses on Strategic Programs/diversification

  • Lending Vision, Mission & Passion Play to help branding with appropriate teams

  • Technology & Software Product Management

  • Thought Leadership, Simplified approach and solutions to complex and evolving problems

    India (Mumbai and Delhi), Dubai,      Singapore, US (New York Metro          Region, SF Bay Area, Chicago),          UK (London). 

Indicative Consulting Services
  • ​Fee based Consulting bringing resourcefulness for every size of business or Enterprise through appropriate partnerships

  • Due Diligence(hourly/daily, remote/travel) in India/Abroad as required.

  • Business/Mgt Coach for Enterprise

  • Career & Life Mentor 

  • Sample due diligence:

1. Establishing growth metrics and run-rate for hot pursuit

2. MIS design 

3. Design of ERP structure, ERP Organization design with legal entities; multi-currency & multi-geography  Chart of Accounts for easier Closing and Reporting across geographies and parent body

4. Build vs Buy, Rent vs Own(Facilities), Outsource vs Insource, SDLC vs SEPG, re-implementation vs Upgrade of Software solutions, 

5. Brainstorming templates and facilitating same with participation/moderator role

6. Challenges in newer Technology adoption

7. Challenges in Change Integration

8. Challenges in Enterprise & Business Transformation

9. Revenue Maximization approaches

10. Growth Strategy, Business Planning, Organization Goals, Cascading Goals, Vision & Mission

11. Executive Leadership Challenges

Management & Business Consulting & Interim Executive Services. 'Due Diligence on Strategic Decisions & Problem Solving for Enterprise Leadership'. Venture named as 'UD Boardroom Services'. We cover India (Mumbai and Delhi), Dubai, Singapore, US (New York Metro Region, SF Bay Area, Chicago) & UK.

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